Welcome to my website!  I've always been accused of having too many toys, hence the website title.  I have lots of hobbies & technical tips, and this website shares some of them.   

Hurricane Season is almost upon us again.  We took quite a beating last year.  The weather guessers are expecting another busy season.  To get ready for this, some of my projects have become priorities.

If you've notice linked videos aren't working, thank YouTube.  They really hurt the smaller guys by killing the monetization feature.  I deleted those videos while considering other options.  New/updated videos will begin showing up shortly.


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Some Other Toyz & Tips


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Alternate Energy & Green Projects

  • Emergency Light Modification

  • Testing Of Yamaha EF2400iS Generator

  • Lock It Up - Securing The EF2400iS

  • Peek Inside The Yamaha EF2400iS

  • Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting

  • Inverters

  • Xantrex Xpower Powerpack 600HD & SUV mod 

  • My Container Garden

  • Blue Line Power Monitor

  • Installing A Fiskars Rain Barrel

  • Igloo Portable Ice Maker

  • Solar Powered String Trimmer & Blower

  • LED Kitchen Lighting

  • Xantrex Prowatt SW2000 Inverter Review

  • Yamaha EF2400iS Generator Idle Fix

  • Generator Cart

  • Generator Connection To House

  • Xantrex Powerpack Battery Replacement

  • Automatic Transfer Switch Install

  • Automatic Inverter Mod

  • Automatic 120VAC Solar Lighting - In Work

  • My 2016 Garden Projects

  • Changing Oil In The Yamaha Generator

  • Solar Powered Rain Barrel Irrigation System

  • Reliance 10 Circuit Manual Transfer Switch
  • Yamaha Generator Fuel Fix 

    Cooking With Solar Energy



    Solar Power!

    Other Solar Projects



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