Filling 100# Propane Tanks



I've actually had a lot of questions about how to transport, fill, and use 100# propane tanks.  Some places have the luxury of having a propane tank refill their on-site propane tanks.  But I don't have propane appliances, so I don't have a truck making routine fills.  I used my hand cart to move the empty tanks into my utility trailer.  My trailer has a sturdy ramp, that when lifted into the travel position, it creates a back support for the tanks.  I strapped the tanks at the top, middle, and bottom before traveling.  Our local Ace Hardware fills most sizes of tanks, and is nearby.  The downside is I have to unload the tanks there, move them to the fill station, and lift them onto the weight scale.  Then move them back to the trailer again when finished.  I'm fairly fit for someone in their 50s, and it wasn't a big deal using the hand cart.

For comparison sake, the standard BBQ grill tank is 20 lbs.  The actual empty weight is 18 lbs., 38 lbs. full.  The 100# tank weighs 68 lbs. empty, 170 lbs. full.

It surprised me that the delivered price of the tanks from Amazon was cheaper than buying them local.  The ones online also had a newer build date, meaning they can be filled for more years before an inspection is required.

Please note, these tanks have a  different fitting than a 20# tank.  You will need a POL Service Valve for it to work with standard propane tank fittings and regulators.  These simply thread into the fitting on the tank, then connect your typical appliances.



A quick picture of the setup.  I was looking for another strap for the bottom of the right tank before rolling.

Since I was using a utility trailer, having a close place to park near the fill tank was a factor.

Only the "old guy" working there knew how to fill these tanks.  Since they were new, they had to be purged before the fill.  There's a small fee for that since they are dumping propane into the atmosphere until all other gases are expelled from the tanks.  Hard to see, but the tank is sitting on top of the weight scale.  Not an ideal location since I had to use the hand cart across the grass for a few feet to move the tanks.

This was an impromptu test of the new tanks.  Power went out in the morning, and the wife and I NEEDED our coffee!  I didn't bother connecting the big power cord to the power transfer switch yet.  I put the coffee maker on the ground to brew the sweet nectar of life before doing anything else.

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