EZGO RXV 6" Lift & 23" Tires


This should have been an easy mod, but Murphy showed his ugly head.  I'm hoping this information can help other RXV owners from the same aggravating experience.  I couldn't find this information elsewhere, and I've wasted countless hours finding the solutions.


It started off as a good day, the new wheels/tires, and the 6" lift kit arriving by the big brown truck of happiness.

My RXV was a fleet model.  I got it used from a local golf cart dealership.  It had no mods.  I compared the stock front spindle (axle) to the one in the lift kit.

The new axle was significantly skinnier than the original.

The kit intends for the original hubs and spindle nuts to be reused.  Neither the hubs, nor the spindle nuts come close to fitting.  I can't explain the difference in sizing.  I've checked online, and I've come to the conclusion that "most", if not all other RXVs use the thinner spindle.

My fix was to order new RXV hubs, and spindle nuts.  I've asked the lift kit manufacturer online what size nut fits their axles.  No answer.  I went to a local golf cart dealer, no answer.  I found an old thread on a forum that gave the correct size locknut.  See links below for the combination of parts that actually work!

The front spindles installed quicker than expected.  The rear axle was much more involved than expected.  I used a High Lift Jack, and a floor jack to find the right combination of lifting/lowering parts to remove the rear springs, and install the lift blocks.

My buddy wants the old spindles/wheels/tires.  Think he's going to make a yard cart.  He lives about 1.5 miles away.  Think I'll take a ride in the cart tomorrow to deliver this stuff.

I removed the front bumper too.  I'll be ordering a metal one soon, that has a mount for the 12V winch I've already purchased.  I have a vinyl wrap that just arrived, and seat covers on order.  I'll be removing the folding rear seat, and adding a frame mounted rear hitch.


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