LED Kitchen Lighting



Incandescent bulbs are on their way out.  The higher wattage bulbs are already banned, others to follow.  The use a lot of energy for the amount of light they produce.  Many times, a CFL equivalent is a great choice, but they have some downsides.  They don't work well in cold climates outdoors, and they typically are slow to warm up to full intensity.

LEDs are ever gaining ground.  Initially they were very directional, stark white - almost bluish, and incredibly expensive.  The prices have come down, the color spectrum now is available in warm white, and they have a high enough intensity that a diffuser is effective.

The kitchen in our new (to us) house has four 75W spotlights, for a total of 300W.  I bought four new LED lights.  They are 75W equivalent intensity, but only use 14W each, for a total of 56W.  Eventually I'll put the lighting circuit on Alt-Power. 

I must say that we are both very impressed with the intensity, and color of these lights.  Friends and family did not know these were LED lights, even when asked if they noticed anything different.  The color is warm, they are bright, and the light is nicely dispersed, rather than an intense spot.  They are full intensity as soon as they come on, no warm up time.  There is about a 1/2 second delay from flipping the switch, to getting light.  Not an issue, just a note.

These are still a long way from being cheap.  $38 each at Home Depot, but rated at a 23 year lifespan.  No, I don't think they'll really last that long.  But if they go greater than 10 years, I'll be highly impressed.  They have a 5 year warranty, and I'll be keeping the receipt until then.



In the fine print it mentions these are only suitable from indoor/dry locations.  These aren't robust enough for applications like outdoor security lights.  I've bought a number of smaller LED replacement lights for other areas of my home, and I'm generally pleased with their performance.  Other than the initial cost, these get two thumbs up from our house.




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