New RV Concrete Pad

After the saga of getting the RV stuck beside the house, we decided to add a poured concrete RV pad.  The driveway was 30 years old, cracked, and unlevel - despite the efforts of the previous owner to jack and backfill the slab.  We had the driveway, and RV pad, all done at the same time.  I share these pics and info in case you have a desire to do something similar.

I expected to see a crew with jack hammers to bust up the old slab.  It was just one operator with a small tracked vehicle with forks.  He slid the forks under an edge, raised it up, then quickly dropped it to crack it.  Within an hour, he had the entire driveway and sidewalk removed, and put into the roll off dumpster.  A crew showed up later to build the forms, and level the ground.

The concrete used was a commercial grade 3000 PSI mix with synthetic fibers.  No rebar needed.  A standard driveway is 4 inches thick.  I had them pour the driveway and the RV pad 6 inches thick.  The driveway is about 60' long, and the RV pad is 15'x40'.  They also replaced the sidewalk to the front door, pads by the pool enclosure, another pad at the master bedroom patio, and repaired a couple of areas on the pool deck.  Total cost was about $14K. 

The only permit that was required was for the last section of driveway that meets the street.  The county could care less about any of the rest of it.  I even checked with the inspector to make sure there wasn't a mistake before the concrete was poured.

I had to wait 2 full weeks before parking the RV on the fresh concrete.  It took 6 trucks of concrete to get the job done.


These powered dump carts made short work of getting the concrete exactly where it was needed.

While the first cart was pouring, the second cart was being filled.  It was a non-stop operation, and went very quickly.

Once the construction was done, I parked the RV out front until the curing was complete.

A view from the backyard, looking towards the street.

I had them add a sloped ramp since the pad was 6 inches above grade.

I will fill the gap between the slab, and the vinyl fence, with white marble rock.

The slab is wide enough to get access down either side of the RV.  The pad is longer than needed in case we decide to buy a larger rig later.

All done, put away.  A little bit of grading and landscaping will complete the project.

If you're in central Florida, and are interested in a project like this, don't hesitate to give Kenny a call.  They were great to deal with, from beginning to end.


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