2009 EZ-GO RXV Golf Cart

In 2012, my father decided I "needed" a golf cart. He surprised me with it by having it delivered when I wasn't home.  It was a 2009 fleet model from a golf course.  Golf courses typically have a contract for a batch of carts that get replaced every few years.  This cart was about $9000 new, but less than $3K used.  It was in very good condition, and has a few features that differ from the usual golf cart.  First, this is a 48VDC cart.  Many are only 36V.  It also has an AC motor, not DC.  Because of this, the speed controller is an inverter type.  The huge benefit from this is efficiency.  This was designed for distances exceeding 30 miles per charge!  You may have heard of The Villages, near Orlando.  This is a huge retirement community that has golf courses.  But the retirees don't just use them for golf, they travel around their entire community in carts.  The standard carts would run out of power before the end of the day.  So EZ-GO worked with their community, and came up with the RXV.  But by law, it's limited to under 20 MPH to be classified as a golf cart.  Golf courses have the option of limiting the speed with a programmer.  Often about 14 MPH.  Mine is programmed for 19.9 MPH, the max setting available.  But it'll run that speed uphill with 4 people onboard.  Lots of power.

The power is varied by the controller.  It has a soft start feature, so it doesn't tear up greens by spinning tires.  But it has PLENTY of power for driving up ramps to load the cart into the back of a truck.  The rear axle has a limited slip feature, so even though the tires have slick treads, I've rarely got it stuck driving around our property, or while hunting in a private forest.

But what the heck am I going to do with a golf cart?  I hate golf...


One of the first mods was to add a rear seat kit. 

A slick feature is the seat flips down, exposing an aluminum diamond plate deck.  Instantly becomes a utility vehicle.

I also have a dump bed that I set on the deck.  The tailgate drops, and I simply lift the plastic bed to dump the contents.

I then added a hitch, to tow my 5'x8' utility trailer.

In 2016, hurricane Matthew thrashed our area.  It decimated several large ficus trees.  My wonderful family came over to help.  I supplied pizza, chainsaws, drinks, and a golf cart.  We all worked until we were exhausted.
The goal for the day was to cut a path to my shed, which had more power tools.
The cart was loaded with the lighter limbs initially, and later the much heavier sections of the tree trunks.  It ran non stop all day, hauling loads out to a massive pile of trees by the street.  We took turns "resting" by driving the golf cart, while others cut and stacked sections of trees.
The front tires actually skipped when hitting bumps.  I wouldn't recommend this type of hauling on a daily basis, but it sure earned its keep after the hurricane.

All work and no play?  Nah, that's definitely not me! With a couple of long ramps, the golf cart just fit in my F150.  The truck had the max tow package, with an 1810# bed capacity, 11,100# towing capacity, and a 6.5' long bed.

We towed a 25' travel trailer, while hauling the golf cart.  The trailer was less than 5000 lbs. (an ultralite).  Notice the truck was level.  It handled the load perfectly, and well within it's capacities.  This is why it's important to choose the right options when buying a tow vehicle.

Camping at Disney's Fort Wilderness.  One of our favorite places to visit.  You can rent golf carts there if you reserve them well in advance of arriving.  But they were $75/day last time I checked years ago.  If you didn't know, Fort Wilderness is HUGE.  Several pools, a couple of stores, a marina, a dog park, and no parking for your vehicle except at your assigned campsite.  All travel in the park is limited to their buses, walking, riding bikes, or using a golf cart.

I sold the trailer and truck a while back, and bought a Class A motorhome.  I use the same utility trailer to now haul the golf cart with us to Fort Wilderness.



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