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Wal-Mart sells Coleman air mattresses.  These have a large fill port, heavily welded seams, and are guaranteed not to leak.  In the same section, Coleman also sells an air pump, called a Quick Pump.  This is specifically designed to work with the air mattress, and also with the raft sold by Coleman.  The inflator consists of the pump, which takes 4 "D" cell batteries, and an inflator/deflator nozzle.  Depending on which of the two ports you connect the nozzle to, it'll either shove air into the mattress, or draw it out.  It'll fill a queen size mattress in a few minutes, or pull it flat for storage.  Sure beats the old method of blowing into the mattress and getting dizzy!

I bought this for my Popup camper initially.  The beds inside it were thin foam.  I tried adding a 2" piece of foam on top of the beds, but there wasn't enough room above the beds when closing the camper.  I left the stock mattresses in place, and put the air mattress on top.  When I was ready to close up the camper, I'd just deflate it, fold it up, and put it inside a cabinet.



Before I bought my kayak, I purchased this Coleman raft.  I had planned on using it down in the FL Keys, but later decided the kayak would be a better choice.  I did inflate it, and it held air fine.  I'm sure it's everything Coleman claims it to be.  Has multiple air chambers, and uses the same Quick Pump to inflate/deflate.



You'll sleep like a baby!  My son, Matthew, sure approved of the air mattress.  I put a regular bed sheets on the mattress.  The mattress has a flocked top surface, and when combined with a sheet, it is cool to sleep on.


Yup, that's me.  Had to test the light diffusion properties of my hat.  Okay, I'm not quite as cute as Matthew.


This mattress is great just to keep around the house.  When family or friends show up, treat them to the comfort of this air mattress.  You'll be amazed by how comfortable it really is.  Much better than any hotel mattress!  During the showing of my house, the furniture was moved out of the house to help the sale (makes it look larger per the realtor).  I spent a couple of months sleeping on this mattress.  I'd inflate it at night, sleep on it, then put it away in the morning.  The realtor would bring prospective customers by the house, and all the rooms were empty.  

All that said, no seals are perfect.  The mattress would lose a little air each night.  Not enough for my body to touch the floor, but the mattress wasn't as firm by the next morning.  During camping trips, I'd shoot a few more seconds of air each night.  Any of the many air mattresses I've owned over the years would be dead flat by morning.  I typically woke up at something like 3 AM, and would have to blow more air into it so I could get a few more hours of sleep.  You won't have that problem with this one.




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