Radio Controlled Airboats


These are scans of some OLD pictures.  Taken back in 1985.  Take a look in the table below for my current project.

I like the look of natural wood, so I sealed the finished hull of this Dumas Windy Swamp Buggy with resin.  The finish did fine, but the hull began to crack at the seams from all the hard impacts on jumps.  I later fiberglassed all the seams, and painted it.

The .10 engine proved to be underpowered for serious fun.  I upgraded to a .20, and it turned into a real handful!

My Windy on the left (only paint I had on hand), and my friend Scott's Big Swamp Buggy on the right.  His was powered by a .60

My Windy was later sprayed blue on the hull, black on the deck, with some basic airbrushing.

After finally wearing out the motor, I gave the hull away to a friend just getting into the hobby.

My friend Dennis also had a Big Swamp Buggy, also powered by a .60 or .61 motor.  Just above idle at this point.

Another just above idle shot.  He had to drive it slow so I could get a picture.

Burping the throttle and it quickly jumps to life.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but you can see how the front end starts getting a bit light at speed.  You can't run this boat at full throttle unless you can get the trim sorted out.  Consider having an electric rescue boat cuz this thing will end up flipping.

This boat did an amazing mid air flip when cresting the top of the river bank.  I snapped the picture just as it landed.  Dennis was too worried about trashing his hull to attempt it again so I could get better pictures.  Cool though.


My current project, a Dumas Big Swamp Buggy airboat.

The UPS delivery man arrived today.

Well, that's what supposed to be in the box.

Doesn't look much like the picture though.  Give it a couple of weeks...

Super Tigre motors have a good reputation, and a good price.  This one claims to have a quiet muffler.  Don't know if they can make a .61 engine quiet, but the muffler looks big enough.

Some of the contents of the package.  Look at that monster muffler.  It's getting hard to find a good spot to go these days where someone isn't going to complain about noise.  I'm hoping the muffler will help eliminate any whining.

This is a monster motor.  Capable of putting out 1.85 HP. 


Progress On The Build...

The hull is further along than this picture shows.  As soon as the weather cools off, I'll finish the build.

The square makes aligning the pieces a little easier.

Now ready for rudders, a light sanding, and some paint.

The .61 motor fits nicely on the mount.


Too hot in the garage to finish the build this month, so will be buying a RTR Aquacraft airboat in a couple of weeks.  This will keep me busy until I get the Swamp Buggy finished.






Expect to see a lot more airboat pictures shortly...



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