How To Make Bulletproof Axles on a Traxxas E-Maxx



I twisted both rear axles.  This was due to having the clutch set too tight.  I have another webpage that discusses this topic.  Some twisting will still occur even after the clutch has been set properly.  In order to make these parts tougher, I modified them.



I used a scrap piece of steel rod that fit inside the axle.  Since the axle tapers inside on one end, the metal had to be ground down so the rod would fit all the way to the end of the plastic axle.




I used a Dremel sander to put a slight taper on the metal rod.  I also roughed up the surface of the metal so the epoxy would have a good mechanical bond.




Once it was the right taper, it was put inside the axle, then marked.



I used a Dremel Moto-Tool to cut the metal rod to length.



Using Devcon 5 minute epoxy, I installed the metal rod inside the axle.



Here's what it looks like when the job is finished.  Make sure you clean up any excess epoxy that gets on the outside of the plastic axle.  You might shear the end off the axle, but you won't likely ever twist them again.




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