Adding Carpet To A Camper


This is one of the modifications I performed on a Popup camper I owned.  This same technique could be done with any trailer.  It doesn't require any special skills or tools.  Just takes a little patience, some scissors, tape, craft/packing paper, and a craft knife.  I got tired of walking across the cold vinyl floor.  I already removed my shoes outside the camper to reduce sand/dirt being tracked inside.  I measured the camper, then went off to buy some carpet...


The cold naked floor.


This is a cheap upgrade.  Other than the cost of some indoor/outdoor carpet, you'll only need a few bucks worth of supplies.

Lay the paper down to cover the entire floor.  Tape each piece of paper to the next.  The idea is to make 1 full sized template.

Don't have to be neat when cutting the paper.  On the left is a little piece of paper taped to the larger section.  Cut another small piece for the right side and tape into place.

I took the full sized template and laid it on the carpet.  The carpet was easier to cut from the backside.  Pay CLOSE attention to which side is UP.  Put the UP side of the template against the carpet backside.  If you don't pay attention, you can easily make a mirror image of your floor, and it won't fit!

Note:  Nothing holds this carpet down except gravity.  It can be easily removed if needed.


This by far was the best modification I had ever done to this camper.  So nice to step out of the bed at night and have the feel of carpet under my feet.  I put a 4'x6' carpet outside as a large doormat.  The rule was no walking on the carpet outside.  Kick the shoes off, then step onto the carpet.  This really helped keep the camper clean.




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