RV Driving Confidence Course At Lazy Days


I've never driven a Class A motorhome before.  The thought was rather intimidating.  I've driven the largest of U-Haul trucks, but it was no big deal compared to this.  Jeez, these things are big. 

While looking at coaches at Lazy Days, I noticed they offered a driving course.  When I found the deal I wanted, I told them I'd have to take the class before driving it away.  The good news is that this class is a freebie to potential customers.  For anyone else, they charge a very reasonable fee (think it's $25).  They also offer a towing class, for those with trailers.  A friend took that one, and was equally impressed.

This class was filled with singles and couples.  I was the youngest of the bunch.  The class started with a couple of hours of class room instruction.  We then took a lunch break, which is when I closed the deal on my RV, then we all took turns driving the coach around Rally Park, their campground.  It was a 40' diesel pusher.  We had so many people that some had to sit on the bed in back.  As someone finished their driving portion, they got off the bus, and people moved forward a seat.

My turn finally came.  I was one of the last, since I was one of the last getting onboard... due to me signing the deal on my coach at lunch.  With excellent coaching, the job was easy.  Some left turns, some right turns, navigating around parked vehicles and narrow roads, then it was over.  I got my certificate, and walked off the bus.  Wow, it was over.

The instructor obviously loves his job, and was hand picked for the job.  He knew is stuff.  The advice I got gave me so much confidence.  I felt like I could take it almost anywhere.  Even driving my new (to me) RV back across the state alone wasn't a major chore.  I had some reservations, but it wasn't like I had imagined.


Forgive the quality of pictures, they were taken with my camera phone.


A little onboard discussion by the instructor before we each got a turn driving.




Holy cow, they are going to trust us to drive this brand new 40' diesel pusher?!!!
I think they wanted us to all drive something so nice, so we'd all be back someday to buy one.  With my great experience at Lazy Days, if I do end up looking to buy one, I'll probably buy it from them.
Class was over.  I went to to the site that Lazy Days set me up with for the night.  This was so I could check out all the systems before leaving.  I found a few things wrong with the RV, and the next morning, a service rep met me at the RV to get my list.  He suggested getting some breakfast, then they'd come take the RV to their service bay to fix any and all issues I could find.

True to their word, they showed up an hour later, took it to the service bay, and fixed everything.  I hitched up my new Jeep for the first time, then drove it to the RV Park I would be living at a few hours away.  Driving for real the first time was easy.  I took my time, using the information I had been taught.  When I arrived at the RV Park, I backed into the site all by myself, the very first time.  I made it look easy.


My experience with Lazy Days before, during, and after the sale was very impressive.  I usually hate sales people.  They tend to be pushy.  Lisa Padine was very helpful, and earned my future business.  Even weeks after the sale, she called me several times, making sure the coach was everything they claimed.  She asked if I found any problems.  I told her about a turn signal marker that had a crack, since she asked.  It was no big deal.  A week later, a new one arrived in the mail.  They would have installed it for free if I would have driven to their shop.  You'll hear all kind of comments about Lazy Days.  I'll suggest this... Go there yourself, and find out why they're the number one RV dealership, worldwide.  I saved many thousands of dollars, got exactly what I wanted, and they took care of every issue I could find with the coach.  It was worth the drive for me.

Even if you already own a coach, or prefer to buy it elsewhere, check out their driving course.  Best class I've ever taken.



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