Cleaning The Solar Panels


Dust, dirt, pollen, bird poop, all ends up on the solar panels.  For them to be efficient, the glass needs to be cleaned periodically.  It's not a difficult task (in my case), but a chore nevertheless.  I use a garden hose and an RV soft bristle brush (Wal-Mart RV section).  Takes longer to get ready and put the stuff away than the actual scrubbing.  I clean the panels about once a quarter.  YMMV depending on your location.


You can see the crud build-up along the bottom edge.  Also notice the crack in the Northern Tool 15W panel frame.  I'll need to fix this soon.

I generally start at the far end, work back towards where I climbed on the roof.  Avoid walking on a wet roof.

Wet 'em down, scrub, wash 'em off.  Nothing fancy.

The RV brush extends out several feet, making it easy to reach the entire panel.


Other than the usual warnings about climbing up on a roof, I'll add be careful pulling the hose across the shingles.  The hose can snag the shingles, peeling them up... giving you something else to tend to.  I managed to see what was happening BEFORE pulling the garden hose harder.


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