Here's what happens when you listen to people on forums rather than reading the instructions.  If you tighten the slipper clutch too tight, you will end up breaking parts.  I started breaking parts during landings.  When the E-Maxx was airborne, the motors had no load, and the tires would spin much faster than they were on take off.  Consequently, the sudden shock to the drivetrain as it landed broke parts.  If the clutch had been properly adjusted, it would have slipped momentarily as the tire speed slowed down to match the ground speed.

To properly adjust the clutch, set it just tight enough for the truck to do wheelies.  Anything more, and you'll be waiting for spare parts to arrive.  I haven't broken any of these parts again since.





A broken stub axle.  Easy to fix if you have a spare.



A close-up of the stub axle.



I actually twisted both rear axles.



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