Mudmasher RC Airboat


RC airboats come in various sizes.  Anything from a small electric type intended for a swimming pool, up to (and beyond) a 1/4 scale model like this one.  It uses a Weed Eater type 2 cycle motor.  Sounds much like a real airboat, and has a lot of power.  Even on this overcast & windy day, it handled quite well.  I had already flipped my smaller airboat at this point.  I decided it was time to get the camera out and take pictures instead.  All pictures taken with a digital Nikon D70s with a 300mm lens.

This airboat came pre-built (minus the radio) but does require some tweaking to improve the handling.  Dennis actually races this one.  Should be a real threat when he gets it dialed in.  The builder, Lester Burch, changed the hull design and is working with Dennis to get the bugs worked out.




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