Camper Modification:

Adding A Door Catch


Sometimes the simple mods are the most beneficial.  This mod will only take a few minutes, and requires only a few basic tools.  I got this idea from a friend who also has a travel trailer.

My camper has two storage doors on opposite sides.  They both gain access to the forward compartment.  Only 1 side has a catch that holds the door open.  The other side has no catch, so the door must be held open while trying to load/unload gear.  Why couldn't the manufacturer just put a second door catch on and charge me $5 more?  Oh well, easy mod.


The arrow shows the location of the door catch.

No catch on this side, so door keeps closing while loading gear.

This is very close to the original catch.  Purchased a pair of these at Camping World.

I held the door open, and moved the catch into position.  It's slightly above halfway up the opened door.  I used a Sharpe marker to mark the drilling locations.

This is thin fiberglass with a thin wood backing.  Be careful not to drill too deep.  I only went in maybe 1/2".  Could be wiring inside this section of wall.

New trailer with holes drilled in it.  Only hurt a little bit.

I used some clear silicone adhesive.

I buttered the back of the clamp, and put some in the freshly drilled holes.

With the screws seated, the excess silicone adhesive oozed out (good sign).  I wiped up the excess.

Finished!  Looks stock, works great.



This took about 10 minutes, and cost about $5 (for 2).  Now I just need to find a use for the second clamp...



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