Radio Controlled Traxxas E-Maxx


One of the best RC monster trucks on the market.  If you are looking for a scale looking vehicle then look at the Tamiya TXT-1.  If you want all out speed, insane aerobatic ability, and an almost indestructible truck, then this is the one for you.

The E-Maxx has a brother, the very capable T-Maxx.  The E-Maxx is basically the same truck, except that it's an electric version.  The E-Maxx is very quiet, unlike its nitro brother.  This one can be driven around your neighborhood without anyone complaining about the noise.  The performance is very similar.  The T-Maxx has a little more top end unless two 7 cell packs are used.  The E-Maxx has more low end grunt as is much easier to snap wheelies at the touch of the throttle.  The thing I dislike about nitro vehicles is the amount of oil that is deposited on the body and chassis.  This oil collects dirt, dust, and sand.  Cleaning takes time.  With the E-Maxx, I hit it with some compressed air, and it's pretty clean.  I will do a chassis teardown once in a while to keep everything operating smoothly.

I added an upgraded steering servo for faster/stronger steering response and RPM chassis hardware.  RPM hardware is made from nylon, has a lifetime guarantee, and is bullet proof.  I've hit a fence post at full speed with one wheel.  It sent the truck spinning through the air for more than 20'.  The sound was horrible.  I was sure I had ripped the front suspension free.  No damage at all.  Thank you RPM!!!



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I stopped by one of the local schools on the weekend.  The dirt playground and the concrete basketball court are a good place to run.  I rarely find anyone else here.  I no longer have the Nissan truck that was used as a rolling workbench.

I charge up a bag full of batteries before going.  I like spending my time driving rather than waiting for batteries to charge.  Since this truck is electric, it needs also no other support equipment out in the field.

The 4 wheel drive accelerates quickly, limiting the dirt rooster tails.

Do you know how difficult it is to do a power slide and take a picture at the same time?!!!

Another burnout.

You can see the front end digging for traction too.

A skateboard ramp makes for good airtime.

A bad landing ended up with a face full of dirt.

Chewing up some leaves.

This place was a lot of fun until the mosquitoes almost carried me away.

I added an aluminum servo cover.  Really was overkill.  After years of thrashing, it has almost no marks on it.  So it really wasn't needed.

I would have thought the servo would have suffered more abuse since it hangs below the chassis.  It is tucked behind the front suspension, which is why it doesn't take the impact of an obstacle.

More photos will follow later.


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