Emergency Light Modification


I discovered this light at Harbor Freight a few years back.  It was only $20 and does exactly what it should do.  The only downside is the limited run time.  The manufacturer claims it will run for 4 hours.  In the fine print, that's with only 1 light on.  So with both lights operating, it will operate for 2 hours.

I opened up the case and found that the 4 Amp battery only took up a small amount of the case.  I had a 6V 12A battery, so I squeezed it into the case.  It now has 3 times the operating time, and it looks no different than before and has nothing hanging out of the case.  It will now run 12 hours on 1 light, or 6 hours on both bulbs.  This lives in my garage and does a nice job of illuminating the entire area during a power outage.



I've been caught in the garage before when the power went off.  Amazing how dark it suddenly becomes.  Stumbling around a garage full of sharp things to find a flashlight isn't safe.  Even if you don't decide to modify one of these emergency lights, they are certainly worth owning at this price.




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