Foot Washing Station


One of the issues with beach camping is how to keep your feet clean.  Some RVs have an outside shower, which works nicely.  If yours doesn't, or you don't want a puddle next to your camper, check out this simple tip.





The two wooden squares are sold as plant stands.  I used a Y-fitting on the faucet, which has individual shut-off valves.  This way I could leave the faucet on, and have water supplied to the camper, but the short hose would only turn on when its own valve was opened.  The hose is  a 1' piece of scrap garden hose.  I added plastic fittings on each end in case I needed to use it with my waste water tote.  Really, you only need a fitting on the one end that connects to the Y-fitting.  All of these parts were readily available at Walmart.

The wooden plant stands keep your feet out of the mud and provide a comfortable place to stand.  Throw a towel over the power post, wash & dry your feet, slip your shoes on, go do something else! 




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