Recommended Accessories


The products I recommend on my website I have personally owned and tested.  This is not a paid endorsement of any product.  Usually, price is not a concern.  When I buy a product, I look to buy the best available.  I don't want to have to buy the better one later.  I also tend to be brutally honest.  So if I really like a product, it warrants the comments.  If I see something that's not quite up to par, I'll report that too.


Coleman Outfitter Kitchen

Motorola FR60 FRS Radios

Coleman Air Mattress & Quick Pump

Radio Shack Weather Radio

Xtend & Climb Ladder

Roomba Robotic Vacuum

Mosquito Magnet

Electric Hoist From Harbor Freight

The Socket Jenie

A Socket Jenie is the quick way to raise and lower your Popup camper's jacks and/or roof.

Radio Shack Digital IR Thermometer

- Coming Soon -




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