Champion Generator Outdoor Storage Box


We live in hurricane prone Florida.  Even a tropical storm can knock out power for days.  But in 2004, back to back hurricanes wiped out the grid for several weeks.  I now have a mix of solar, a fuel efficient Yamaha generator for lighter loads, and a Champion Power Equipment Model #100165 9375/7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Electric Start.  I can use it to power up most of our house, except for the central A/C system, which would require an even larger generator.  But I can run all of our 120VAC appliances, plus a number of 220VAC appliances.

Gasoline doesn't store well long term, even with additives, anything over a year and you risk clogging the carburetor.  My intent is to only run this sporadically, using only propane.  Gasoline is an option, but only after I've used up all the stored propane.  Next to the box are two 100# propane tanks.  I have a number of 20# (BBQ grill size) tanks as well.

So far, we've only needed to run this for a day before the grid power was restored.  It starts up easily, and runs flawlessly.  The only downside is it takes up precious space in my 2 car garage/workshop.  Today I put together a Suncast 4' x 2' Horizontal Storage Shed.  It has a low base, making it easy for the generator wheels to climb over.  It is JUST big enough for the width of the generator.  Another 1/2", and it would be too small.  The box lives next to the house, without interfering in path of the motorhome parked next to the house.  This will keep the generator dry and protected until it's needed again.


The wheel just barely fits inside, just missing the door when it's closed.
I had already purchased a cover for the generator, and an extra layer of protection from the elements isn't going to hurt.
An overhead view with the doors closed.  There's lots of room for storing other equipment in here as well.
Ready for action.


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