Generator Cart

My generator weighs about 70 lbs.  It can be lifted and carried to another location, with some effort.  As I get older, I'm being kinder to my back.  Consequently I prefer to wheel it out of the garage, to the yard, when operating it.  I built a basic cart for it a while ago.  It's functional, but it has some drawbacks.  It didn't have room for any support equipment, couldn't be towed to a far corner of the property, and was too low to change the oil with the generator on the cart.

I found a nice looking cart at a custom welding shop online.  My version was inspired by their design.  You might find some of the design elements useful for your cart, others not so much.

The new cart will not only carry the generator, but also the following items:  5 gallon gas can, extra sparkplugs, 12V charging cord, multi-outlet strip (with built-in watt meter), oil can, funnel, a 50' 12 gauge retractable power cord reel, and 120V worklight.


I bought some 8' x 2" x 1/16" box channel from Amazon.  Free shipping, no tax.  I sliced the pieces to accommodate my sized generator.

I have a small Lincoln Weld-Pak 100HD MIG welder.  Made short work of this project.

Since this didn't require structural steel, I went with lightweight 1/16" box channel.  I had to turn the heat down to prevent burning holes in the steel.

Not too bad for a rookie.

The welds on the top/bottom were ground down with a flap disk on the angle grinder.  On the top for aesthetics, on the bottom for the wheels to sit flat against the channel.

Set the wheels in place to verify placement.  Marked the holes, then drilled on the bench top drill press.

1/4-20 x 1.5" long stainless steel bolts were used to secure the wheels to the frame.  The front wheels caster, the back wheels are fixed.  These 10" wheels were also purchased from Amazon.  They feel like pneumatic tires, but these are "no flat" foam filled.  The generator will now sit high enough to easily change the oil with it still on the cart.


Got to spend a few hours in the garage today.  The generator sits atop a 3" wide piece of 3/16" steel.  1/2" angle was used to keep it from moving.  Tack welded at this point to test fit.

The frame is almost done at this point.  It was turned over to finish the welds on the bottom.  Painted the underside while it was on the stand.

Turned upright again.  The top was painted with black hammered spray paint.

Wheels were reinstalled.

The generator was positioned so the exhaust faces forward.  This will prevent hot fumes from blowing onto the gas can.

The 5 gallon gas can, and 50' power cord reel (12 ga) temporarily set in place.

Another piece of 2" box channel will be welded upright on the frame, so the cord reel can be attached.

A basic handle was added.  Now ready for use.  The power cord swings out when in use.

Good access from all sides in case the generator needs to be worked on.

Tow it by hand, or drop the handle over the ball hitch on the golf car or riding mower, and take it to the other end of the property.



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