Geocaching in the Ocala National Forest



This was a cache called Hunters Paradise.  The coordinates are N 29 05.548 W 081 41.496 (WGS84).  Visit for more details on this cache, and thousands more.  Took nothing from the cache, but left a bicentennial half dollar and a wine bottle opener.  The horse flies were thick and aggressive.  Had to open the container in the Jeep!  It was about 91F.  The trails were soft sand and some mud from previous rains.  4WD recommended for this trip. 

The container was well hidden in the underbrush.

Tom quickly spots it.

Quick retreat to the Jeep to escape the horse flies!



This was a cache called Lost and I Don't Care! aka Where's Mama?  The coordinates are N 29 15.977 W 081 41.401 (WGS84).  Took a CD-ROM with software from the cache, and left a bicentennial half dollar and a hand full of fancy pencils.  I give full credit to Tom for finding this one.  Either the coordinates were off by about 40', or my GPS was inaccurate, which is unlikely since the GPS put us right on top of the previous cache.  It was about 89F and was raining on/off.  The trails weren't bad at all.  A family car shouldn't have any problem getting to this one.  Very scenic, but watch out for the ticks!  See the pic below.

The trail leading up to the cache site.

Hidden, but visible if you know what you're looking for.

Be sure to fill out the log book and enter your find on the Geocaching website.



Careful of what you might find out in the woods.  Besides the obvious bears, snakes, and mosquitoes, we ran across horse flies, and ticks.  I got several off or me, and my friend found several on himself too.  This one was on my sock.  Florida is a low risk for lyme disease, but the potential is there.  This one doesn't have black legs, and isn't supposed to be a carrier. 



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