Our 2015 Forest River Georgetown 328TS

I've had many different types of campers over the years.  Our most recent one, a 34' Class A motorhome.  We bought it used, with very low miles, and in nice shape.  Of course we discovered some issues, but that's the nature of RVs, new or old.  I'll cover some of the issues and repairs in subsequent pages.  This is basically an overview of our rig, and some of the decisions leading to the purchase.

I retired in April of 2021.  My wife retires in December of 2022.  We plan on traveling North to visit family, and experience many great adventures along the way.  Longer trips will be planned to travel out West, from our home base in central Florida.  In the meantime, we are making many smaller trips to get experience with this rig, and find/fix any issues we discover.

One major advantage of RVing, versus most any other form of vacationing, is readily apparent during this pandemic.  We travel, eat, sleep, shower, and relax in the comfort and cleanliness of our RV.  We do venture out to see/do things, but take precautions, as well as being fully vaccinated.  We can limit our exposure to the public, while still seeing our fantastic country.

We have no desire to "full time" RV, and sell our house.  Our house isn't new or fancy, but it's our own slice of paradise.  We love to travel, but there's no place like home.  But travel for a few months at a time is certainly something we look forward to.



My previous Class A, was a 1999 Bounder 36' model.  A decent rig, but it only had two slides, where this has three.  The extra slide makes up for the 2' less length.  Of course there are pros/cons to every RV, but this one suits our needs for now.

There are some places we like to travel that having just the RV isn't practical.  Towing our 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is great.  Jeep is one of the few manufacturers that intend for their vehicles to be towed, without limits.  Most other vehicles that can (most can't), either limit the speed to 50 MPH, or 50 miles, OR BOTH.  The engine then needs to be started to circulate the transmission fluid.  The Jeep has a true transfer case, which is put into neutral for towing.  The automatic transmission is actually put into Park.  No miles accumulate while towing.  There are accessories that are required to make this safe, and I'll cover those later.

It has an onboard Onan 5500 Watt generator.  This allows both roof top A/C units, and the refrigerator, to run while driving.  Also keeps the entire RV cool at rest stops.

This is our second RV purchased from Lazy Days.  The first purchase was excellent.  The dealership took care of any and all issues, and was even helpful after the sale.  This purchase was a major disappointment.  Their volume of sales has ruined customer service during, and especially after the sale (well within the 30 day warranty).  Our next RV may be a new model, but we'll be looking elsewhere.


The floorplan.

The day we purchased it, we opted to stay overnight in the massive sales lot, which has dedicated camp spots.

The windshield is massive, and a single piece.  Some RVs have a seam in the middle of the windshield.  The dash and glass also dip fairly low, greatly increasing the driving visibility up close.

It has a large residential fridge and microwave.  The RV has 4 house batteries, and an 1800W PSW Xantrex inverter.  This keeps the fridge running for hours, even if the engine and onboard generator switched off.  With all the slides extended, there's quite a bit of room inside.  We really like the laminate flooring throughout the RV.  Makes keeping it clean far easier than dealing with carpet.

The hallway narrows due to the bathroom on the right side, just behind the TV.

It does have a small outdoor TV and stereo.  Honestly, we rarely use it.  Might watch a football game now and then.

With all the slides retracted, there's still enough room to walk all the way to the bedroom at the back of the RV.  We can park most anywhere, and still have full function of all the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, without extending any slides.

We are looking forward to our many adventures!




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Last Updated January 14, 2022