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Yacht Haven Park Marina/Campground, Fort Lauderdale FL - 2005




We stopped in Fort Lauderdale on our way back from the FL Keys.  This is a nice campground if you pay a little extra for the campsites on the water.  Those closer to the entrance lack privacy between sites and don't have a scenic view.  It's easy to miss the entrance of this park.  I had to make an extra lap to get over to the far right lane in time to make the turn.  That was a bit of an ordeal at this location, especially since I was driving a big RV.  Word to the wise... keep yer eyes open!


The office is no frills, but the entrance does have a security gate.  Once you register at the office, you will be issued a magnetic card which gains you access to/from the campground.  Little bit of a pain since I had to get out of the RV to open the gate.  If you disconnect your TOAD in the parking lot, you may find that you need to stop and hand the key to your copilot or they may end up trapped on the other side of the security gate.

Nice foliage at the campsite.  Full hookups.  The sites have concrete pads, so leveling isn't an issue.  Directly behind the campsite is a boardwalk along the waters edge.  Nice view!

The boardwalk looking left...

... and right.  There were some big yachts here!

It was nice taking a walk around the boardwalk in the evening.

Not bad for a campground in a big city!

The grumpy quackers begged for food then got rather indignant.

This cat was said to be left behind by a seasonal camper.  I always travel with cat food, and he welcomed the treat.  Fellow campers noted that he now belongs to the campground, and is well looked after.


Sorry fellas, have to add this important detail for your copilots.  The Sawgrass Mills Mall is VERY nearby.  One of the reasons I picked this place.  Only minutes away.  Bring your walking shoes, this place is huge.

If you're interested in camping at this campground, visit their homepage for more details and directions.  It's a nice place and we plan on going there again sometime.



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