Harbor Freight 12V Scissor Jack




I do the servicing of all of my vehicles.  One of the complaints I've had is having to jack up vehicles to work on them.  I could buy a long handled professional type hydraulic jack, but they are expensive, and take up quite a bit of room.  I've managed to use a cheap floor jack, but with the short handle comes the issue.  Not enough stroke to get a decent amount of lift.  The handle hits the underside of the vehicle.

I had seen these electric jacks and didn't know if they'd be worth the expense, but in a weak moment at Harbor Freight, I spotted one on sale.  $49.99 later, it was mine.  It came with a cigarette lighter adapter, so I was curious how much current the jack required.

Model number and specs.

The kit.  Decided to try using a small 7 Amp battery.

Raising the jack pulls 0.71 Amps before the jack starts to lift the vehicle.

With the Jeep being lifted, the jack pulled 2.36 Amps.  A typical cigarette lighter outlet is rated at least 10 Amps, so shouldn't be a problem using the jack, or you can connect it directly to the battery with the supplied alligator clips.

The control pendant has a white LED built in.  As soon as the cable is connected to power, the LED illuminates.  Clever idea.

It easily lifted the Jeep.  The scissor jack was close to its max lift capability, so I will keep a 4x4 block of wood to place under it.


The case is small enough to leave this in my SUV.  The 4000 lb rating means it can even jack up one side of my 25' dual axled travel trailer.  It easily lifted the long wheelbase Jeep, motor never grunted.  Raising a vehicle is as easy as pushing a button, gotta love it!

UPDATE:  It lasted about 7 years before the wiring on the brushes broke.  I took it apart and found the plastic cage that holds the brushes beyond repair.  No spare parts were available.  And unfortunately, Harbor Freight has since discontinued this product.  It's a shame as I found it quite useful.




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