2004 Jeep Sahara



I purchased this new 04 Jeep Sahara.  Traded in the 2000 Nissan Crew Cab.  I really liked the Nissan, but it wasn't towable without extensive modifications.  I needed a vehicle that could be pulled by a motorhome.  The Jeep is the ultimate TOAD.  There's no factory limit on the speed or distance it can be towed, unlike most anything else on the market. 

Top Five Roof Rack

With the help of my father, we installed the roof rack.  It's made by Top Five, a Canadian company.  It comes completely unassembled.  The hardware looks to be of high quality, and they've done a great job on the design.  It does not have to be removed to take off or install the hard top or soft top.  Not cheap though, about $500.  It took about 2 1/2 hours to install.  I had to modify the mounting holes for the rear bumper.  With the rack brackets installed, it moved back about 3/16".  That put the bumper mounting holes off by the same amount.  Grinding ensued.  All fits fine now.  Not that it could be helped, but I think it was an oversight by the company.  Their instructions are also hard to see as it looks like a copy of a copy.  For this much money, I expect full color glossy pictures!  I'll be sending feedback to them in hopes of helping someone else down the line.

The rack is very sturdy once installed.  No rattles or squeaks.  I haven't noticed much difference in wind noise.  So far, I'm very happy with it and would recommend it.



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The rack sits slightly higher in the back.  Don't know how much this was done for aesthetics, but I think it aids in removal of the top with the rack still in place.

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Our own mod.  The zipper tab hangs and detract from the looks.  I used a black nylon tie wrap to secure it to the rack.



Poser Shots in the Ocala National Forest, FL


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