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The one thing I've always hated about my Popup camper, and about the only thing I've hated, is cranking up the roof.  My camper has always been difficult to crank up.  It takes two hands, and a lot of grunt to crank up the roof.  Not all Popups are this way.  A friends later model Coleman was much easier.  I think they changed the gear ratio in the later models.

I had read on the various forums about a new product called a Socket Jenie.  This adapter mounted into a drill, then the roof could be quickly and easily raised by pulling the trigger on the drill.  The product runs about $30, and appears to be milled.  It's very beefy, and looks like it'll last the life of the camper.

If you have the crank down style stabilizers, it'll work with those too.  I have the swing down type, so it doesn't work with mine.



Here's the Socket Jenie.  This one was designed for the Coleman lift system, but they have them available for other brands as well.  The shank has flats, so the chuck can get a good grip.


My drill of choice.  A heavy duty corded drill.  Single speed.  You'll need a 1/2" chuck for this product.  My drill is an old Industrial B&D model.

Chucked up and ready for a spin.

My mondo drill has gobs of torque.  This is definitely a two hand operation.  Be VERY careful.  You can either twist your wrists off, or damage your lifter system if you're not careful.


When the roof got close to being all the way up, I would bump the trigger rather than hold it down.  This way I didn't slam the stop.


Happy Camper!  This is a MUST HAVE product to me.  It made a difficult chore very simple.

Lots of people would rather use a cordless drill.  I have an 18V Dewalt drill.  It has plenty of torque too.  I raised my roof with it on two different occasions.  Both times, the motor "smelled hot".  While it's capable of raising the roof, I wouldn't recommend doing so.  The 18V cordless drill has too small of a motor.  Your camper's roof may be easier to raise, and this drill may do fine for you.

I superimposed the 18V drill on top of the 120V corded drill.  Besides having 6.7 times more voltage, the motor on the corded drill is massive by comparison.  It also has a gear box that lowers the RPMs, and increases torque.  The corded drill also cost a fraction of the cordless one.

Now the makers of the Socket Jenie recommend a 24V drill instead.  Make sure to buy a name brand drill.  Some knockoff at Harbor Freight will likely leave you very dissapointed.





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