Recommended Accessories - Coleman Outfitter Kitchen



We had gone camping with a friend and they had a nifty folding kitchen.  Really liked the design and functionality of the product.  I later purchased it online for about $200.  Aluminum construction.  Has a built in sink, hooks to hang your kitchen tools, shelves, a paper towel holder, and plenty of work surface.  When the lid is closed, it has board games painted on the cover.  Game pieces were included.



This folds up quickly and stores in the included nylon case.  It is a little bulky, but it was used every camping trip.  Unless you want cooking odors inside your camper all night, it's better to do the cooking outside if the weather permits.  There's also little room for food preparation inside the camper.  The Outfitter Kitchen is built to last, and years after owning it, it still looked almost new.  When I finally sold my Popup camper, I included it as part of the package deal.  This is a highly recommended product.  If I end up with another Popup camper someday, I'll get another one.



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