Recommended Accessories - Xtend & Climb Ladder


I needed a small, compact ladder, for my motorhome.  I've had folding ladders in the past, but never one as small as this.  It's constructed from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum.  It extends very quickly to 12.5', and collapses almost as easy to 2.5'.  It only weighs 25 lbs, and is OSHA approved.  You only need to open it as much as needed.  In the picture above you can see the middle ladder is only partially opened.



I originally bought mine on Ebay for a discount.  Now they are being sold at places like Ace Hardware.  My friend was able to get a good deal on this same model when they went on sale at Ace.

This product easily fits in one of my RVs smaller storage bays.  Next time you're in an RV park, look at how many ladders are left out in the weather and how much room they take to store and transport.  If you're wanting a compact ladder that is stable to work on, check this one out!  Even after I sell the RV, I'm keeping this ladder.



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