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Long Key State Park, FL - August 2005



This is still one of my favorite campgrounds.  Every campsite is on the water.  The higher the number the site, the fewer rocks that you'll have near the shore to walk across on your way to the water. 

The campground had suffered some hurricane damage.  The bath houses are up on stilts, making them less likely to suffer damage in the future.  All the sites lost about 10' of beach front.  The temporary fix was to use a bulldozer to move sand and pine needles into the void.  The problem was this wasn't just sand, and the rotting vegetation had an odor at times.  It wasn't too bad, but not as pristine as in the past.  Hopefully it will be restored by the time you visit.  Take some dunnage with you.  The site had a slight grade, which was too much for my levelers to compensate for.  A quick visit to the Home Depot down the road to purchase a stack of 2' long 2x4s.  I made a couple of ramps by stacking them, then had my girlfriend drive the RV up the ramps as I guided her.  The RV was now level, problem solved.

One downside to this campground is no sewer hookups.  This wasn't an issue in the past since I used to have a Popup camper.  I just used the bath house, and occasionally a porta-potti.  With the RV, we took showers onboard.  Beats a bath house any day!  But every couple of days, I had to move the RV to the dumpstation within the park.  Not a major deal, but it is an inconvenience. 

I was able to get online with my Aircard via the T-Mobile internet service.  The signal was excellent.  There is no WiFi available in the park.  To see my Aircard setup, follow this link.

The weather was perfect if you don't mind the heat.  Bugs were minimal.  We took a couple of trips down to Key West.  We did the Duval Crawl.  Fat Tuesdays had a wall of frozen drinks.  Perfect way to cool off.  We also went on a Jet Ski tour of Key West.  That was an adventure!  The first half of the trip was great, the second portion was out in the rough ocean, not so great.  We dumped it once, as did another couple.  While we were stopped waiting for a few stragglers to catch up, a rouge wave hit us broadside and rolled it.  We climbed back on, and continued to fight our way back.  I'd only recommend the Jet Ski tour during a calm day.  You'd also be better off with your own watercraft rather than riding tandem.  It was still a lot of fun.




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