Radio Controlled Tamiya Lunchbox

- 1980s vintage -



Back in the 80s I bought a Tamiya Lunchbox.  It was my first hobby level RC vehicle.  I had a bunch of "toy" RC vehicles before that.  I put this thing through two decades of abuse before selling it on Ebay, for about what I originally paid for it.  It was no longer in production, and became a collector's item.  The originally body didn't last long, so I bought a Lexan body made by Bolink.  I put in a 17 turn motor and a different gear.  Top end was close to 30 MPH.

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The speed controller was very water resistant.  I loved to run this thing through the puddles.  I used compressed air to dry it afterwards.

That was then, this is now...


Good 'ol Tamiya re-released the highly sought after Lunchbox.  This new version comes with a speed controller, for not much more that the original cost 20 years ago.  I cracked open the box and started assembly before snapping this photo.  This one will be up and running before long.

I've now finished the chassis assembly.  I'm in the process installing the radio.  Still have to paint the body. 

More photos to follow.  Maybe I'll keep this one 20 years and sell it for what I paid for it too...



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