Camper Modification:

Adding Maxx Air Vent Covers


When we received our new travel trailer, both of us noticed a slight chemical odor, and experienced a rather intense eye burning when the doors were closed.  Probably formaldehyde used in the construction process.  With use, the odor will eventually go away.  The issue for me is the camper lives in a storage facility, and I don't want to leave it open. 

To expedite the process, I opened up both vents and turned on the vent fan.  This works well, but it rains frequently here, and an open 14" vent can fill a camper quickly.  A Maxx Air vent cover permits the vent to remain open, even during a driving rain.  I put one on each of my vents.

The installation on the standard air vent is rather simple.  But installation on a vent with a built-in fan, is a little more complicated.  The fan shroud inside the vent prevents the installation of the mounting hardware for the Maxx Air cover.  The removal of a few screws, and the fan motor/shroud drops down enough to reach up inside the vent to put the nuts on the screws that hold the cover in place.


A standard 14" vent.  Good source of fresh air, but an easy way to flood a camper if left open during inclement weather.
A nice feature of these vent covers is the mounting hardware does not penetrate the roof. 
The final installation.  The louvers are angled, so air can flow, but rain can't get in.  The covers sit just proud of the roof surface, allowing water to drain off.



This took about 1 hour per vent.  I took my time to make sure everything fit before drilling any holes.  I used Locktite on all the hardware.  These vent covers can be purchased at Camping World for around $50 each.



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