My Unimog Project


I first saw a Unimog on a TV show.  After that, I was hooked.  What an odd looking vehicle!  These are used all over Europe and have all kinds of attachments.  There are a number of German websites that show RC versions of this vehicle.  Unfortunately, these are built, not bought.  There's a toy version, which they all use for the body.  Many people use the chassis of a Tamiya Pajero.  I decided I'd go the same route.

This will be a costly project.  First the toy must be purchased ($100), then the Pajero ($200), before the disassembly can begin. 


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Here's the original toy made by Dickie.  Cheesy chassis and radio.


Another version of the same toy.  Comes in various colors.


Here's mine in work.  The Pajero chassis has been installed.  The original wheels and tires are too small for driving across my lawn.  I think the size looks better too.  I will be adding a Super Rooster Speed Controller and a Futaba Radio System.


More photos will follow later.


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