My 2005 Xterra


My Xterra, a 2005 SE.  I opted for the 4 wheel drive version.  The standard engine is the new 4.0L, 265 HP, 284 ft.-lbs.  It's a disgusting amount of power!  I'm getting 18-19 MPG in mixed driving.  The 380 Watt Rockford Fosgate stereo is impressive too.  Lots of storage room, and a built-in roof rack.  There's not much not to like.  If I had to make recommendations to the manufacturer, I'd suggest less plastic front/rear, and use a tougher plastic inside as it tends to get scratched easily.


The unnecessary rear mud flaps both snapped when off-roading recently.  I removed them all, and I think it looks better without 'em.


The 4WD was getting a good test at the "Dunes", located in the Ocala National Forest.  The ABLS (4-wheel Active Brake Limited Slip differentials) kicked in several times while climbing some of the steeper hills.  Next best thing to having real lockers.

I joined the SXFC recently.  We spent the day off-roading and Geocaching in the forest.

On the beach at Amelia Island.

Parked outside a B&B at Amelia.

We needed a 40' crank up HAM radio antenna for a project at work.  Our work vans don't have a roof rack, so my Xterra helped out.

Sure is a handy vehicle!



Hitch & Other Accessories

The toughest part of the hitch install was dealing with the wiring harness.  Part of it can be seen above.  The passenger side kick panel must also be removed to install relays.

This vehicle is very clean underneath.  Not much to hang up on when off-roading.

The muffler bracket must be removed during the hitch install.

Plastic gas tank, argh.  My Jeep had one too, but it also had a steel skid plate over it.

The hitch is easy to bolt on.  The rear bumper doesn't need to be removed, just a few of its bolts.  This is the left side.

Right side.

I did drop the spare tire and used an impact wrench for this job.  I give this one a 2/5 difficulty rating.

Some gorilla must have cranked my spare tire into place.  It had 2 flat spots.  I didn't crank it down so tight when putting the tire back.  Oh, good time to check the tire pressure.

The hitch came with the wiring kit.  But the connector used is a round 7-pin type.  Nissan, as well as others, sell an adapter to convert it to a standard flat 4 type.

The privacy screen works nicely.  Keeps things in the back out of watchful eyes when the hatch is closed.  It is easy to remove if you need to haul something big.

This mat by WeatherTech does a good job of keeping sand and dirt at bay.  It is a flexible rubber, so it can be rolled up if you need to use the utility tracks in the floor.

Close-up of the logo.  I needed an even number of pictures!

The completed job.

Spare fits nicely with hitch in place.




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