Pine Island KOA, FL - 01/05


With KOA campgrounds, it's a hit or a miss.  Sometimes they can be fairly nice, as the one was at St. Augustine, or a big parking lot, which this one was.  We stayed here over the New Years Holiday, planning on spending our days mostly at the nearby Sanibel and Captiva beaches.  Good plan, or so I thought.

On paper, Pine Island is only a 1/4" away from Sanibel.  I didn't realize that was an hour of driving each way.  You have to go East back to the mainland, then North, before going West to get to Sanibel.  It doesn't take many trips before this becomes old.

So, Plan-B.  What to do around Pine Island?  The answer is not much!  There are no beaches on Pine Island.  You look at the map, don't you think there should be beaches here?  A few restaurants, and a short drive, you've seen much of it.  The no-see-ums in the campground ate us alive before using repellant.  I didn't take a bunch of pictures as you've seen one site, you've seen 'em all.


A few trees with no vegetation separate the sites.

The upside is the pads were large and level.

The tree needed a little pruning!

You can see some of the branches that broke off when I backed in.  No damage to the camper.  After this trip, I put loppers onboard to prune trees & bushes when needed.

Our little charcoal grill did a nice job of cooking burgers and dogs.  Note the lack of picnic tables.  Some sites had them, some didn't.

For New Years, we had filet mignon with Bearnaise sauce, baked potatoes, corn, and rolls.  Roughing it once again.

While on a quest to find beaches, we let the Roomba vacuum the carpets and vinyl flooring.

Here are some of the shells we collected from Captiva between the storms.  We put them in a glass jar when we got home to remind us of our adventure.


This campground was okay.  Nothing to write home about.  Not worth another trip to me.  Next time we will try to get a site at Periwinkle Park & Campground, which is located on Sanibel Island.  Even if that campground doesn't turn out to be much, the location is much better.




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