Volume & Squelch Potentiometer Cleaning


If you've got an old scanner, chances are that one or both potentiometers are scratchy.  Radio Shack doesn't sell replacements for these classic scanners, and finding a suitable replacement would be a challenge.  But I've never seen one that needed replacement, and I've fixed a bunch of them back when I had a repair business.

These pots have an open back, easily trapping dirt and dust.  A little crud on the wiper inside causes the issue.  The fix is cheap, easy, and very effective.

Take the time to remove both pots from the faceplate.   You don't necessarily need to completely remove the wire harness.  See the pic below for an example. The knobs pull off with some effort, exposing the nut on each pot shaft.  Lay both pots on a paper towel, and get to cleaning.



I've had great success with this product.

Look closely at the pot in the foreground.  The opening is clearly visible, and the tiny wiper arm inside.  This is where the spray needs to be applied.

Hard to do this and take a picture at the same time!  Normally, I turn the pot shaft while spraying the open area.  A good blast, work the pot, followed by another blast or two.  Wipe off any excess from the outside of the pot.

Those little pieces of gunk were inside the pots.  Doesn't take much to booger them up.  They work like new when done.





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