Scanner Removable Power Cord


I typically operate all my scanners from a 12V power source.  Consequently, the power cord gets in the way.  An easy and inexpensive solution is to add a power socket in place of the existing power cord.  I first performed this mod before the days of Amazon.  I bought the IEC320-C7 connector from Newark Electronics, but you can just as easily buy it on Amazon these days.  You'll need the matching power cord too (IEC320C7 to nema 1-15P).  It's also available at these same places.



With the power cord unplugged (duh), use a pair of pliers to compress the strain-relief, and pull it from the mounting hole.  Cut the power cord wire, leaving enough length to solder onto the new plug.  Note the shape of the hole.

I used a Dremel moto-tool, with a grinding wheel, to elongate the hole just enough for the new socket to fit.  Care had to be taken not to get in the way of the 9V battery compartment on the right, or the circuit board on the left.  The socket could have been installed inside the case, but the circuit board, and the welded metal lip would have complicated the install.
Be sure to clean up all the metal filings before applying power.

Care also had to be taken that the connector wouldn't contact the lower half of the case once finished.  A pencil works great to mark layout lines on the metal case before grinding.

The matching power cord.





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