Xantrex Prowatt SW2000 Inverter Review

Years ago, square wave inverters were the option for those needing AC power out in the field.  Eventually, modified sine wave inverters came along, providing a much cleaner waveform for appliances.  I used a MSW inverter since the 90s.  Times change, technology improves, prices drop.  Now you can buy an 1800 Watt pure sine wave (also called true sine wave) inverters for as low as $325.  For that reason, I no longer recommend MSW inverters.  Not that a MSW can't run most everything fine, but for the price difference, you can get an inverter that'll run much more, without any concerns over the waveform.


Some customers on Amazon complained about this inverter not being able to run anywhere near the rated capacity.  At least on reviewer claimed it wouldn't even run a 1000 watt load.  These larger inverters use a HUGE amount of DC power to make the AC energy when running at or near their rated capacity.  Consequently, they require a massive battery bank, and fat cables feeding the inverter.  I'm using a 900AH battery bank, and 4/0 cables.  My inverter works just fine.  All else fails, read the manual...

Xantrex made it pretty clear about the cable size. 


Massive cable, but if you want to ever run the inverter near the limit, spend the few extra bucks up front.

The waveform from the inverter is cleaner than the grid at my house.

With the inverter powered up, but nothing connected, I measured the parasitic load.  Xantrex says it should be < 0.8 Amps.  I measured 0.32 Amps.

Here it is installed on my new Alt-Power panel.  It's slightly smaller than the older Xantrex Prosine 1800 Watt model mounted above it.

This is a bare bones sine wave inverter.  Very inexpensive, but excellent performance.  It lacks some of the features of the much more expensive models, such as: built-in charger, transfer switch, or even a remote display.  They do sell an optional remote on/off switch, which I have.  It has a switch, and an LED status light, that's it.  I don't plan on running it near capacity very often.  It's primary goal will be to run lighting in our home.  The secondary function will be to run critical loads when the grid goes down.  Things like the fridge, computer, security system, fan, TV, etc.  Periodically, it will run larger loads, like power tools in the garage.  

Bottom line, great product at a great price!

I have no affiliation with anyone.  Nothing to gain or lose either way.


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