Popup Camping In The Rain


I owned my last Popup for 9 years. I've camped in countless wet weekends.

Here's MY tip. Flip the mattresses over. Mine had vinyl on the backside. This keeps the tenting off the cloth mattress. If yours doesn't have vinyl on the backside, not a big deal. Let's continue...

Undo the bow pole, but leave the bow at the bunk end up. Put on your poncho, go outside and undo the bungees on the bunk ends. Now the tenting is loose. From outside, lift the end of the tenting, and push the bow down as you push in the bed halfway. The tenting will sag down, and a large amount of water will run off. Shake the tenting, and push the bed the rest of the way in. Do not tuck the tenting inside the camper yet.

Repeat for the other end. Take an old towel, and quickly wipe off the bunk end tenting. Push it inside the camper. Repeat for the other end.

Lower the roof halfway. Do a quick wipe of all the tenting still getting wet (sides and bunk ends), close the roof to 1/4, repeat.

Close up the camper, bail out. The same day you get home, open up your camper. Doesn't matter if it's raining outside or not, it needs to be opened. It will NOT mildew as long as it is open, even if it is still raining.

I had an awning that I parked my camper under. I could raise the roof 3/4 of the way and just pull the tenting out. It sags barely to the ground since the roof isn't all the way up. Even if it's still raining outside (provided it isn't blowing sideways), the camper can dry. Here's what this looks like:







Don't let rain stop you from camping, especially in Florida.  While it does rain a lot here, it usually doesn't last all day.  The ground soaks it up rather quickly.  Just plan accordingly.  Bring something to do during the rain, or drive somewhere for something to do.  Don't let the crew get bored.  I've had a lot of great trips, rain or not.




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