Ridgid 10" Table Saw


My workshop is also a garage.  Vehicles get parked in it every night.  Consequently, I don't have room for a cabinet grade table saw.  In years past, I had a Craftsman table saw.  I added wheels to it, but it took up a large footprint.  This saw is very mobile.  It has a built-in pseudo hand cart.  When not in use, it folds up, and leans against the wall.


Tip it back, roll it to where you'd like to use it.

It a matter of seconds, it flips up and locks into a level position.

A quick release handle allows the top to slide open for larger pieces.  The fence, and miter gauge, have locking storage spaces on the right side.

The fence is very accurate, and makes repeatable cuts.  Has no problem slicing 3/4" plywood, or hardwood.  The saw also has a dust port for a standard shop vac.  Still makes quite a mess, so I often wheel the saw to the driveway.

Other times, I put the saw on the yard, and let the chip fall where they may!

I built cabinets for my workshop recently.  The pieces were quickly and easily all sliced to the same size.

The three cabinet boxes were square, and the same size.  This saw is more accurate than my old Craftsman, despite the Ridgid saw folding up when not in use.


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