RV Cabinet Repair


Every manufacturer cuts corners.  My Rockwood is no different.  While the cabinets are generally well made, the internal frame that holds the drawer glides was stapled together.  The drawer movement while traveling pulled the staples out of the cross brace, which caused it to separate.  This caused the glides to move away from the back of the drawer.  The only thing supporting the drawer was the front of the glides.



After a 3 hour drive to the campground, we noticed the drawer was tipped back.  This drawer has the heavier utensils in it.

Upon removing the drawers, I could see that the cross brace that holds the drawer slides had fallen off.  The staples that held it in place were now exposed.  Easy to figure out how to put it back together.

You can see where the cross brace belongs.


The drawer glides must first be removed by taken out the few screws.

Only basic tools needed for this.  I keep a container filled with screws onboard.  The drill wasn't necessary, but it made it easier.  Can't say the same thing for the dog though.

I straightened out the staples, and pushed the cross brace into place using the same holes.

I used about 2 1/2" long screws to beef up each of the joints.  Won't come apart again.

Now that the frame was put back together, it wouldn't go into the hole it came out of.  Remember, this is wider than the drawers & the glides.  Not a big problem.  I opened up the other cabinet door, and removed the two trim panels inside.

Now the frame will fit through the opening if tipped.

Stood up into position, screwed to the floor, and ready for the glides.

Glides installed, now ready for the drawers.

Finished job, better than new.



The entire job took maybe 1/2 hr.  Probably could do it much faster now, but had to figure things out as I went.  I found the soft pine cross brace did not need to be pre-drilled, which was good since I didn't have any bits with me at the time.  The long screws pulled the frame together tightly without splitting the wood.  Shouldn't ever happen again.




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