iRobot Scooba

Gone are the days of mopping your floors!


At first glance, the new Scooba looks much like the original Roombas.

The instructions were easy.  Charge the battery, put in a measuring cups worth of the fluid, add warm water, let 'er loose!  Because it is vacuuming, washing, scrubbing, and drying the floor all at once, it moves at about 1/2 the speed of a Roomba.

Other than the shape, it has little in common with the other Irobot products.

The storage tanks easily remove for filling/draining.

The Scooba is slightly larger than the Roomba.  It doesn't come with a wall mount, nor does  iRobot offer one for it yet.  Since it is larger than the Roomba, you can't use its wall mount either.

Fozzy approves of the new addition.

Not only did the kitchen benefit from a thorough cleaning, the patio did too.

The battery for the Scooba is completely different than the ones used in the Roombas.


If you're familiar with Roomba products, you'll be impressed by how differently this one is built.  The Scooba seems more more robust.  It has a heavy duty hinge & latch, which appear to be stainless steel.  The design was carefully laid out.  Unlike the predecessors, no screws have to be removed to take the brushes off for cleaning.  Just push a button and they pop free.

The Scooba uses a proprietary Clorox (non-bleach) cleaning solution.  For now, the only place to buy it is from a iRobot dealer.  I bought it in bulk, which should last me for months.  It only takes a minute to load the solution and warm water.  Set it in the middle of the floor, power it up, and push the clean button.  Go away, come back to a clean floor.

In theory, the floor is dry moments after it makes a pass.  In actuality, it takes several minutes for the floor to dry completely.  The Scooba sucks up most of the solution, but the floor remains damp after a pass.  When the floor dries, there's no residue.  The floors are clean and shiny.  Very impressive.  I've always hated mopping, and though this product was expensive, I think it's worth the money.



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