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Most new motorhomes don't come with a spare tire.  My first Class A motorhome did, a 1999 Bounder, and it was tucked up under the chassis.  The disadvantage to not carrying a spare is a flat tire can ruin a vacation.  My last Class A, a 2015 Forest River Georgetown 3218TS, used a common size tire, but the wheel (8" wide) has been discontinued.  Many RVs use a 7" wide wheel, which doesn't fit the tires intended for this Ford F550 chassis.  I

When I had the new Michelin tires installed, I ordered a new (aftermarket) wheel that matches my other six.  It took a week to arrive.  The tires arrived the next day, so I waited until all parts arrived before starting the job.  Imagine being in a small town, now stuck there while they try to source parts.

My intention is to use the Roadside Assistance provided with my Progressive RV insurance, to replace a flat.  However, cell phone coverage is limited in parts of the country.  I want the option to DIY if necessary.

RoadMaster makes a hitch mounted spare tire carrier for RVs.  It has an extendable steel rod to provide leverage lifting the tire to/from the stowed position.  Very clever design.

UPDATE:  We traded in the 2015 Georgetown for a 2023 Thor Quantum KW29 Class C.  No, it didn't include a spare tire either.  And after trying to source a spare wheel, I found it's even more difficult to find than the one for the previous motorhome.  This motorhome uses the common Ford E-450 chassis.  However, it's a "cutaway" chassis, made for RVs.  It uses larger brake calipers.  Standard E-450 wheels DO NOT FIT.  I contacted multiple wheel companies, and even contacted Ford dealerships.  Crickets.  The ONLY ONE I could find was used on eBay.  I paid $139 for it.  A new one, ordered through Ford (not in stock), would be over $1K.  Or so I'm told, could never get a response from them.  Do you know exactly what wheel and tire fits your motorhome?  Check the P/Ns yourself.  You might be in for a rude awakening otherwise.

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This carrier is heavy, and didn't arrive in the big brown truck of happiness that routinely stop at my house.  It was transported on a pallet.

With the tire carrier assembled, it was attached to motorhome hitch.  The lifting arm was extended, and the carrier swung downward so the spare tire could be attached while it sat on the ground.

As usual, nothing works in all situations.  Not sure why they put the safety chain holes directly behind the hitch pin.  I ended up drilling two new holes, above the original ones.  And for safety reasons, I added chains to connect the new reciever, to the one on the RV chassis.

With the RoadMaster Falcon 2 towbar attached, the safety cables on the Jeep were too short to latch onto the RVs hitch, but they connect to the new heavy duty safety chains I installed on the tire carrier.

The 7 pin cable was also too short to connect from the Jeep to the RV.  I bought a small 7 pin extender cable.

Since I was an electronics tech before I retired, I opted to cut the cable to the optimal length, and reterminate the pins.

I made a diagram of the original pinout.

Easy enough to add new terminals, and wire it like the original.

I then 3D printed a mount for the extended cable.  Metal ones are commerically available, but making my own was easy, and it's a perfect fit.  I uploaded the design to ThingiVerse.

After 4 years of owning the Georgetown RV, we traded it for a Thor Quantum KW29 Class C.  It lacked a spare tire too, so I transferred the RoadMaster spare tire carrier to the hitch on the back of this motorhome.

This is the P/N stamped on the wheel.  This was very difficult to source.

The spare wheel was fit checked to verify it cleared the oversized brake calipers.

With the spare tire mounted on the new (used) wheel, it was attached to the RoadMaster spare tire carrier.  The carrier has an extendable handle that provides a lot of leverage to swing the tire into the stored position.

The carrier latches in the upright position, and a wingbolt keeps it secure.

The extendable handle has an upper and lower hole.  The pin is pulled, the handle put in either position, and the pin replaced.  Very simple and effective.

Spare tire project done.  No worries of trying to source a wheel or tire on our travels.  Also, no delay in waiting for a new tire to be installed on an existing wheel.

Products Used In This Project

Roadmaster 195225 Spare Tire Carrier for Motorhomes:

ROADMASTER 91064812 12" Extension Cable - 8000 Lb. Load Capacity:

US STAINLESS Stainless Steel 316 Quick Link 1/2" (12mm) Marine Grade:

MaxxHaul 50023 Hitch Tightener Anti Rattle Stabilizer:


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