KOA @ St. Petersburg, FL - 04/07

We tried staying at Fort Desoto, but this time of year the place is packed.  To make matters worse, they allow local residents to make reservations a month further in advance than everyone else.  Nice for them, but bad for us.  So... there's a KOA not too far down the road.  We stayed at the St. Petersburg Resort.  Nice place, but some things to watch for.

It's a little difficult to spot.  They are at the end of an industrial area, not where I would have expected.  I paid extra for a waterfront campsite.  The site had mangroves so thick that you couldn't see the water.  That was a waste of money!  There are a few sites that the vegetation is thin enough to clearly see the water, but unless you know the number and specifically request those, you might end up paying extra to view bushes.  Furthermore, those sites along the water have much less, or no shade. 

Overall, the campground has nice amenities, and is well kept.  The swimming pool was great on a hot day.  Everyone working there had a good attitude.

The only spoiler for this trip was group of noisy neighbors.  No, not kids.  Drunk, loud, retirees.  2 AM, and still talking LOUD, and laughing.  The drone of the A/C helped drowned out the sound.  The next night they parked half in front of our campsite.  I finally went over and told them unless they want an early wake up call to move their car, that they should move it that night.  Think I scared them when I suddenly appeared out of the dark.  I'm sure I came off a little gruff after listening them to half the night before, and breaking up their party this night.  They moved it promptly, and were much quieter that night.  The campground was only partially full, how did I get so lucky?  Oh well, could have been worse,  and the trip was great otherwise.


As you're driving down Tyrone Boulevard (Bay Pines), look for the Robin's Seafood Restaurant sign.  Just below that is the KOA sign.

Uh oh, this doesn't look like a campground.  Looks like a Sanford & Son junkyard.  Keep going through this industrial area, it's down there, trust me.

At the bend in the road is another KOA sign.  Bear to the left...

It suddenly appears.  Never did hear any noise from the nearby businesses.

Ah, our waterfront campsite.

See the scenic waterway?  Us neither.  Man was it hot in the sun.  Thankfully, our travel trailer has good insulation and a strong air conditioner.

A view down the road.  There are plenty of sites with shade available, so you might want to call them before making reservations.

Nice boat slips and ramp.  Nobody using it.

There's a small chapel within the campground.  Seemed very unique.

Lots of Kabins available.

We spent the day at the nearby Fort Desoto.  They have a dog beach there as well.  We took a sunbrella, chairs, a picnic lunch, and our mutt.  He loves the water don't ya think?

Salt water alone isn't enough.  No, you need to get completely covered in sand/shells while you're at it.  But he does clean up nicely.  Think he was having fun at this point.

Be VERY careful of setting anything down unattended.  There are no trees on this beach, but that doesn't slow them down.  I had one dog pee on the back of my lawn chair before I could chase him off!

Back at the campsite, washed, fed and watered.  Time for a nap.

One of our neighbors with a big Class A had a big trailer to haul his toys.  Only problem is moving it from the storage area to the campsite would have been a challenge with his 40' setup.  He asked nicely and I was happy to move it for him.  Glad to help when I can.  I may need a favor someday too.

We had weather warning that night.  We debated on whether to leave the night before, or wait 'til morning.  It had slowed down, and wasn't raining yet.  So we decided to go early the next morning.  Hitched up with thunder in the background, still no rain.  Great I thought, we'll have it behind us the entire trip home.  Not so.  About 10 minutes outside of the campground, it poured with rain and high cross winds the entire trip home, even though the worst of it was behind us.


I would stay here again if Fort Desoto was full.  This is a nice campground a little off the beaten path.  Just be careful when making reservations.  Rather than blindly make them online as I did, call their campground and ask if the waterfront site actually has a water view, and you may want to ask about shade during the Summer months.  We had a nice time, and would recommend this place.




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