KOA @ St. Petersburg, FL - 07/09

This was our second trip to this KOA.  During our last trip, we took note of some campsites we'd like to reserve in the future.  Many are considered waterfront, but the mangroves are so thick, the water can't be seen.  We stayed at site #736.  Nothing special, but could see the water, and was away from the cabins.  We would really like to stay at Fort Desoto, but it's a very popular location, and the residents of that county can make reservations a couple months earlier than non-residents.  So we stay here, a short drive to the park.  There's a mall nearby, and plenty of restaurants.


This was parked on the road leading to the campground.  I think I know this family...

Our campsite.

Had good weather most of the time.

I stitched a couple of pictures together to show where the hookups are in relation to the campsite.  I always bring extra, so wasn't an issue.  Keep this in mind if you're wanting to get this site.

Mmm, Fajitas tonight.  Sam's sells this pre-cooked, pre-seasoned, chicken meat.  Basically heat & serve.  I did add some extra seasoning.

This was the first true test of my new Coleman stove.  Cooking outside keeps the mess & odors outside the camper.

Peppers, onions, mushrooms, browning up nicely.

A couple of cold beers, and a few Fajitas... wonderful!

Our dog loves camping too.  He thinks these trips are all about him.

I think he just wants a piece of chicken.

We were greeted by some of the local residents.

A view of the water behind our campsite, as a storm rolled in.



A Trip To The Dog Beach At Fort Desoto

There are a couple of huge fenced in pens for the dogs to run off leash.  One area for smaller dogs (this one), one for the big dawgs.

It's hot here during the Summer.  Dogs can't sweat, so it's important to keep them cool too.

Happy dog.

This park has MILES of beach.  This section is the dedicated dog beach.  Only place they're allowed to visit.

Me walking Fozzy.  Most of the dogs played nice.  A few growled, but the owners were quick to scold them.  People were good about cleaning up after Fido as well.

Got his baby, tuckered out from playing all day.



The KOA is a nice campground.  There's a dock, a place to fish, and a nice swimming pool.  Tends to be a very popular campground, so if you're looking for a quiet getaway, this isn't it!  What really makes it worthwhile for us is the proximity to Fort Desoto.  Heading back here again soon. 




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