Motorhome Stuck In My Yard

I parked a travel trailer next to the house for almost a decade.  Never had an issue with it getting stuck, but it weighed 5K lbs., and the motorhome can be as much as 26K lbs. fully loaded.  It had been raining, and we had a hurricane approaching.  I wanted to fill the gas tank, and have it staged for an evacuation if necessary.  In the picture above, I had the motorhome next to the house, with the travel trailer staged in front.  The trailer had just sold, so it left shortly after this picture.



Once the tires broke the top surface of the grass, the soil underneath was slick as snot.  As mentioned in the video, I jacked up the motorhome, put wood and pavers under the rear tires, made no difference.  I finally got smart and called the insurance company, which will tow for free if the RV is with 75' (IIRC) of a paved road.  They did ask the size and weight of the RV.  They had to send a LARGE tow truck, and it struggled to get the RV free.

The aftermath.

The ruts were deceptively deep.  The 22.5" tires are very tall compared to a car tire.  The rut was almost 11" deep.

Once it was free, and topped up with fuel, I parked in on the driveway.


I have no idea how much this would have cost without insurance.  But with Progressive RV insurance, my cost was $0.  Not even a copay.  But I also pay them $1200/year.

My lesson learned is to be very careful ever taking this RV off an improved surface.  My eventual fix for this issue was I replaced the 30 year old driveway, and added a 15'x40' RV pad next to the house.  That will be covered on another page.



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