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Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, FL - April 2005



Topsail Hill is an RV resort, not a campground.  The sites are well groomed, the pads are paved, there's a lamp post at each site, full hookups - including cable, and there's even a sprinkler system to keep the grass growing all year.  If you're looking to get back to nature, this isn't the park for you.  On the other hand, if you're wanting to camp near an almost deserted pristine beach, this is an excellent choice.  I've been hearing about this park for years.  It lived up to its reputation.

This used to be a private park, but it was purchased by the State.  When the State took over, they adopted the rules of the private park.  This prevented Class B and Popup campers from staying here.  Well, a few of us got wind of it at the PopUp Times forum, and went after the State.  Back then, I owned a Popup.  The State realized their mistake, and quickly changed the rules.  Now anyone can camp there, with one exception, no tents.  There isn't a tenting area yet, but that's in work.  It was nice to see a few families with Popup campers there, and knowing I was part of the reason they were able to get in.  State parks shouldn't be "elitist".

I was able to get online with my Aircard via the T-Mobile internet service.  The signal was only about 1/2 strength, but worked very well.  There's a couple of huge malls nearby, sorry guys!  Hey, the good news is that there's a Bass Pro Shop and a Hard Rock Cafe nearby too.  If you want to see a really neat housing community, head down 30A.  Just turn right as you're leaving the campground, and enjoy the scenery.  We took the top off the Jeep and spent one afternoon getting sunburned while cruising.  Oh, there's a Starbucks on 30A too!  Roughing it, hah!

The weather was perfect.  Had the A/C on during the peak of the day, windows open at night to enjoy the fresh air.  The water was too cold this time of year to swim, so we'll be back another time later in the year.  This is certainly the nicest park I've ever been too so far.


We stayed at site #101, based on what others have reported on the forums.  There's a bath house to the left, which is rarely used since many people use the facilities within the motorhomes.

There's plenty of vegetation between these campsites.

Wow, look at that awesome Prevost motorhome!  Oh, there's also a fountain between two of the campsites.

Close-up of the same fountain.

Take bikes with you!  To get to the beach, it's a 1/2 mile trek down this road inside the campground.  They also have a tram that runs hourly.  No cars permitted on this road.  A few people walked instead.

This is at the other end of the road.  Plenty of places to lock up your bikes, plus a shelter and bath house.

Hope you remembered your walking shoes.  It's still a little walk along the boardwalk to get to the beach.

Dunes, we have dunes in FL?

Notice how empty the beach is?  There were only a few people on the beach near the boardwalk.

Our footprints.

Nothing biting today, but this guy has the right idea.

A few of the small shells found in the surf.

Mother Nature decided to give us a nice display as we were leaving.

Leapin' Lizards! 

Be careful of the huge lizards within the park.  They can grow up to three feet.  Okay, maybe not.  This is a green Anole.  They can get up to about 8".  Anoles eat small insects and bugs.  We also spotted a couple of bunnies munching on the vegetation, but got spooked when I tried to get their picture.



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