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Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, FL - October 2007



This is our second trip to this wonderful RV resort.  Details about our last trip can be found at this link.  This time we met up with some of our friends.  We had planned this trip for several months, so we were able to reserve 3 campsites next to each other.  Don't wait to make reservations, this is a very popular campground.  This is one of my favorite destinations, and traveling with friends, makes it that much more memorable!


Our rig was in front, Doug & Cindy were behind us with their Airstream.

Look Ma, I backed in all by myself on the first try!

We had site #143.

"July" was helping spot Doug as he backed his trailer.

Doug & Cindy were at site #142

Sure wish Doug would sweep our patio too!

Sandy & Janice had site #144.  Wide angle view of all 3 sites.

Beach is pristine, and fairly quiet the times we've been here.  People tend to congregate near the boardwalk.  A short hike in either direction and you have your own private beach.

No driving to the beach.  You can walk, bike, or take their tram which runs about every 15 minutes.

Nuff said.

Miles of pristine beach.


The dunes leading up to the beach.  Can't walk on this protected area.  Stick to the boardwalk.


Pay close attention to the warning flags at the boardwalk.  I "assumed" the purple flag was for jellyfish or stingrays...

No, the flag was for sharks.  I didn't know this while out in waist deep water collecting shells.  This one was thrashing around on a sandbar.

I did manage to get a few shells before someone yelled that there was a shark behind me.  It was within 6' before I stepped out of his way.  He wasn't moving towards me aggressively, and I did not scream (but it was an option).

Further down the beach someone must have caught this one the night before.  They removed his jaw, and left the remains to stink up the beach.

This is how we act in front of company...

... this is closer to how we really are!



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