2007 Forest River Rockwood, Model 2502


We ordered a new Travel Trailer (TT) in late July from RV Wholesalers (RVW).  We were told that Forest River had a 14-16 week wait for the 2007 models.  So we selected the options, and placed an order.  It arrived October 16th.  It could have been delivered a week earlier, but we were out of town.  I'll have more pictures as time allows, so here are some initial ones.


Delivered!  A semi-retired couple work as drivers for RVW.  They hauled the TT all the way from Ohio.  Nice folks.  After a stack of paperwork to sign, they unhitched and the trailer was ours.

One of my retired coworkers, who has considerable experience with this brand of TT the past two years, showed up to help with the inspection and installation of the weight distributing hitch.

I installed the Prodigy brake controller earlier, and it worked perfectly.  My 2005 Nissan is rated at 5000 lbs towing, 265 Hp, 284 ft-lbs of torque.  The trailer weighs 3993 lbs empty, but with the options.  It has no problem pulling the weight, no signs of sway, and plenty of reserve power.

A glimpse of the bedroom.  Lots of storage.  The large end cabinets each have a clothes rack.

One thing that I liked about this model is the ability to seat more than 2 people.  Four can sit at the dinette, another 3 on the couch.  Full amenities, including a Dolby 5.1 surround sound system and a 19" LCD TV.

I stood in the shower to take this shot.  The bathroom isn't large, but decent layout.  More storage and place to hang more clothes.

I'm running the electronics and roof top A/C from my Yamaha EF2400iS generator.  This picture was taken at a storage facility we're renting.

It was about 90 degrees outside.  The A/C is working well.


We'll be heading out for the maiden voyage just after Thanksgiving.  Spend a couple of days at a campground 2 hours from home.  Should be a nice time of year to test it out here in sunny FL.

Very impressed with the quality of build for the price.  This TT was less expensive than some Popup campers today.  The base model is only about $12.6K.  With all the options, add roughly another $4K.




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