Radio Controlled Tamiya TXT-1

Monster Truck


This truck came as a kit.  It was fun to build, and satisfying to drive.  It isn't fast, but it goes almost anywhere.  4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering.  This truck has an attitude.  I enjoy it as much as my E-Maxx, but they are very different trucks.  If going slow and crawling rocks, while looking scale, is your thing, this is the truck for you.  If you want blazing speed, and the ability to jump great distances, look at the E-Maxx instead.




The chassis on the TXT-1 resembles that of a real monster truck.  Very realistic.

Even in stock form, the agility of this truck is amazing.  It has no problem keeping 3 tires firmly planted while resting one wheel on top of a tissue box.

For rock crawling, articulation is king.  This may not be the fastest truck, but not much stops it.

I added the optional rear steering to mine.  Only takes adding a "Y-cable" and another servo.  Makes very tight turns.  My rear wheels turn the opposite from the front wheels.  You could have them independently controlled, but it would be more difficult to drive.


Traxxas E-Maxx on the left, Tamiya TXT-1 on the right.  Both at their limit.


Here's a view of the rear servo that was added.  Don't forget to add a servo saver!





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